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  • "[Fr. Schmitz] addresses the common misconception that only one of these women of the Bible was doing God's will. Neither Martha nor Mary were doing anything wrong when Jesus came to visit the home of Martha in Luke 10:38-42."
    -- Fr. Mike Schmitz, Ascension Presents

  • Letter to the Colossians Explained

  • Why not take some of our suffering and make it worthwhile?

    "Pondering the crucifix, and the immensity of what Christ endured, we wonder what could possibly be lacking in his afflictions. But then, gazing upon His outstretched arms, we see an invitation. If we accept that no act in human history can begin to match the power, the healing, and the victory that was activated in the crucified suffering of Jesus of Nazareth, then attaching our own trials (minor or major though they be) to that still-resonating act of generosity and self-abnegation exposes them to all of the good contained in Christ’s sacrifice, and it assists in the salvation of the world."

    Read more of Elizabeth Scalia's blog post, Let’s Get Reacquainted With the Idea of “Offering it Up”.

  • "In this Gospel reading on Martha and Mary, Jesus actually does not correct Martha for the fact that she is serving, which is a good thing in and of itself, but that her service is "distracting" her and that Martha is "anxious" about many things."
    -- Dr. Brant Pitre, Catholic Productions

  • Is Busyness Jeopardizing Our Souls?

    "[W]hat can we do to ensure our lives of busyness don’t lead to exhaustion and a loss of self? It’s nothing new: we must build into our lives a space for prayer and fruitful reflection. Even if it’s not much, we must strive to sit in the presence of the Eucharist at Adoration, read scripture and meditate on its application to our lives, or sit in silence listening to the voice of love that speaks words of affection, encouragement, and counsel. We must learn to be more like Mary, and less like Martha, in a world that unremittingly asks, 'What have you done for me lately?'"

    Read more of Chris Hazell's blog post.

  • An Acceptance of Suffering

    "We are tempted to believe that just by being good Christians we can make suffering go away. We imagine that God’s promise of blessing means that he will spare us all pain. But it doesn’t work that way. Jesus made suffering a normal part of the Christian life."

    Read more of this excerpt from Bert Ghezzi's book, The Sign of the Cross, at Loyola Press.