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  • This Sunday's Readings

  • All Scripture is inspired by God

    "The word of God is Scripture. The Word of God is Jesus. This close association between God's written word and his eternal Word is intentional and has been the custom of the Church since the first generation.  ... What does the Church mean, then, when she affirms the words of St. Paul:  'All Scripture is inspired by God' (2 Tim 3:16)?"

    Read more of Approaching the Sacred Scriptures from Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch at Ignatius Insight.

  • Violence in the Bible

  • Getting to Know the Bible

    In RCIA:  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend any of the  RCIA classes.  On October 24th, Deacon Gilles will lead the group in looking at the Old Testament and on November 7th, the class will look at the New Testament.  Just come to the parish centre boardroom at 7:30 p.m.

    Read the entire Bible and the Catechism of the Catholic Church in one year.  Joining the Coming Home Network email list allows you to download the plan free of charge.  Fortunately, their email is very interesting and you can unsubscribe at any time (and it's safe).  This plan organizes scripture and catechism thematically while still covering the whole of the Bible and Catechism in one year.

  • The Persistent Widow

  • Be persistent

    "When we meet the judge of today's parable, we are quickly informed that the widow can't appeal to his good side -- he doesn't have one. So, faced with his stony heart, she becomes the water that drips incessantly until something is worn away. ... This is a story of salvation, but not as it appears at first glance. Sure, the widow finally got her due, but in the process, she saved the judge."

    Read more from Sr. Mary M. McGlone at National Catholic Reporter.

  • Faithfulness In Prayer

    "Jesus tells us in this Sunday’s gospel 'to pray always without becoming weary' (Lk 18:1). How are we to interpret this? Isn’t Jesus being just a bit unrealistic. Praying often, sure. But praying always? Come on, Jesus, be real."

    Read more from Deacon Matthew Newsome at WCU Catholic Campus Ministry.

  • Persistence in Prayer

    "To understand the drama of Jesus' story of the determined widow and the corrupt judge, it is important to appreciate the justice system of the ancient Near East.  We need to forget the ordered nature of our own courts where (usually) one person speaks at a time and there is an orderly presentation of evidence by both sides of a dispute. We are a world away here from Judge Judy!  ... Scholars have pointed out that the word for 'widow' in Hebrew means 'silent one' or 'one unable to speak.'  Women were not supposed to speak on their own behalf. Yet, [the widow] enters into this male domain and refuses to be silent."

    Read more from Fr. Mark Francis, CSV at Catholics On Call.