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  • Second week of advent

  • Bp. Barron's Advent Reflections

    • Friends, today’s Gospel presents John the Baptist as a revolutionary. Advent is best understood as a preparation for a revolution. The liturgical readings for this time of the year—focusing on Isaiah,
  • He shall govern your people with justice.  -- He shall have pity for the lowly and the poor.

    "Pope Benedict XVI, in his Encyclical Letter Deus Caritas Est, described the whole of the Sacred Scriptures as a love story in which God 'comes towards us, He seeks to win our hearts, all the way to the Last Supper, to the piercing of His Heart on the Cross, to His appearances after the Resurrection and to the great deeds by which, through the activity of the Apostles, He guided the nascent Church along its path.'  In His justice, God recognizes our sin and the need of its reparation, while, in His mercy, He showers upon us the grace to repent and make reparation."

    Read more of Cardinal Raymond Burke's Reflections on Divine Mercy and Justice at Catholic Action for Faith and Family.

  • John the Baptist

  • "[John the Baptist] ... was the prototype of all Christians.  He announced Christ to the world, he did so in a manner the people could understand, and he encouraged a real spiritual renewal take place .... 

    Read more of John the Baptist: Forerunner of Christ by Kevin Tierney at Catholic Exchange.

  • "St. John the Baptist is proclaimed by Jesus as the greatest of the Old Testament Prophets sent to prepare Israel for the time when the Messiah would make His appearance. ...
    St. John is also recognized as the first witness to the New Testament. He preached a baptism of repentance by water and told of the imminent coming of the Christ."

    Read more of Deacon Michael Bickerstaff's Lessons from St. John the Baptist that Will Change your Life at Integrated Catholic Life.

  • Follow Jesus like St. John the Baptist

    "John the Baptist could be considered Jesus' first evangelist. ... Let's consider five ways that we can follow Jesus like Saint John the Baptist did and improve our evanglism in the process."

    ♦ Follow with Joy
    ♦ Follow With Humility
    ♦ Follow With Clarity
    ♦ Follow With Courage
    ♦ Follow With Selflessness

    Read more about the Five Ways to Follow Jesus Like John the Baptist at Aquinas and More.